Thursday, December 18, 2014


not in English and no subtitles but it doesn't matter

can't work out if this gabber doc is old or was really made in 2013 as it seems to say  - if it's about gabba now then the scene really is frozen in time

frozen, perhaps because it was the furthest promontory into the future....  a bridge incapable of extension (at least along that particular axis of extremism - speed / noise / assault / frenzy)

a bridge too far (Nightmare in Arnhem reference, apologies)

stop press: Steeve Cross says the doc is "indeed recent -  however it uses lots of 20 year old footage (early 90s) and you have those mid 30 / mid 40 guys talking about their youth as Gabbaheads. The footage from the parties is very like 1993-95-ish - hints: the video aesthetics/ the fashion/ the total lack of smartphones.  If it were recent, you'd see at least the phone screens flash here and there."

(tip off from Toby Reynolds, no relation, who knows a thing or two about extremes - he was  formerly known as DJ Scud, nowadays works with mountains)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dove Plate Pressure

oddity stumbled across trawling YouTube

never heard of the label or the artist

groanworthy pun on Dubplate and Doves there

samples from LFO and Holy Ghost Inc

label nod to Nasty V and the Don FM Crew

even the chaff of this era is treasurable

oh lookee here, Dove Recordings is the name of the label

how many other labels named themselves after a brand of E?

Well there was E, the Ibiza imprint, but that's generic

A small discography but rated by at least some

dude at Discogs opines:

This label, although relatively unknown, produced some of the ruffest tunes available in 1993, in my opinion. Using dark and atmospheric samples Crazee M managed to capture the spirit of the Darkside era brilliantly and i would recommend this label to anyone who likes Darkside hardcore. Customs + Excise Volume One and Genesis The Sequel / The Message in particular are two fine pieces of plastic, just dont listen to them in a darkened room will you!

like a junior Ibiza, i would say

Monday, December 15, 2014

via Blog to the Old Skool - a "live" PA by Rufige Cru, from November 1991, at a rave in Toronto - the most Anglophile rave scene in North America.

What a great find....


1 / that's about as live as a group on Top of the Pops, they're just standing there jigging about in front of the keyboards while the tracks play!

 2/ Goldie's not that hot as an MC let's be honest.

Still, v. nice little historical document....

Now, I seem to recall there was a DJ set + interview floating about that Goldie and cru did on a Toronto radio station around that visit, as ambassadors for Reinforced...

Ah, here it is (cheers to Daze of Reality in comments for better hook-up than the broken into eight bits on Youtube i had before)

and the other seven instalments here

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

community radio at its best (you nutter)

Being a tape I made in the mid-Nineties of my favorite pirate-tape bits from the early-90s

Now the excerpt from Index FM (starts at 5.05 minutes in) is engraved in my heart and memory for all time on account of these two tunes:

The first time I ever did hear Foul Play - the start of a lifelong love affair

And very fond of this one too, which kicks the sequence off

Got all three on vinyl. But none of them has ever sounded as electrifying on their own as in this sequence,  even with the fucked-up mix between "It's Not Over" and "Living Lonely" - a classic case of "not in spite of, because of"