Friday, July 24, 2015


Foul Play remix of EZ Rollers's "Believe"

the textured drummige on that one! oooh gosh

an obscure one via Man like Droid

a classic one - staggering in both senses drums - true "rhythmic psychedelia" (copyright me, 1995)

one i always forget

another one i always forget (tasty too)

an epochal one

another epochal one


that epochal one, somehow surpassed

not forgetting their remixes of their own tunes

the unbelievable

another one is the "dub in u' remix which isn't on YouTube (it's listed up there but turns out to be the original "dubbing you")

"dub in U remix" one ended up on the Energy Flash CD owing to a cock up - good but not what i wanted (i wanted the original "Survival")

and finally


the greatest piece of music of the 1990s in my humble opinion

lotsa competition, including from themselves and from people they remixed

but this is the One

Thursday, July 23, 2015

ol' blue eyes

                                a mix  in tribute to the great Doc Scott

(via Cardrossmaniac2)

still going strong apparently

as are most of the fellows upon whose every release I used to hang breathlessly, once upon a time - Andy C, Dillinja, Dego, Hype, Roni Size, Danny Breaks...

sometimes I ponder the fact that they have now carried on many times the length of time i originally paid rapt attention to their every move - which is more or less 1993 to 1997 - 5 years.

soldiering on... prospering, I hope

perhaps that makes me fickle (although five years is quite a sizeable chunk of time to be fixated on one zone of scenius, one phalanx of genius auteur-producers, wouldn't you agree?)

perhaps that means i'm just sharp enough to know when to leave a party before it gets stale

either way, big up this guy - and these guys's -- chest(s) for ever and always

this one in particular is one of the great artworks of the 20th Century, in my loopy little universe at least

tracklist of that Pearsall mix

01. System 7 – Interstate (Doc Scott Remix) (Butterfly)
02. Empirion – B.E.T.A. (Doc Scott Remix) (XL Recordings)
03. Spring Heel Jack – Hale-Bopp (Nasty Habits Remix) (Trade 2)
04. Olive – Miracle (Doc Scott Remix) (RCA)
05. Nasty Habits – March (31 Records)
06. System 7 – Rite Of Spring (Doc Scott Remix) (Butterfly)
07. The Art Of Noise – Something Always Happens (Doc Scott Remix) (Indochina)
09. Doc Scott – Drumz ’95 (Nasty Habits Remix) (Metalheadz)
10. Doc Scott – Machines (Emotif)
11. Doc Scott – Swarm (Metalheadz)
12. Doc Scott – Tokyo Dawn (Earth)
13. Adam F – Metropolis (Doc Scott Remix) (EMI)
14. Nasty Habits – Shadow Boxing (31 Records)
15. Nasty Habits – Shadow Boxing (Remix) (31 Records)
16. Goldie – Kemistry (Doc Scott Remix) (ffRR)