Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Roots and Future - A History of UK Dance

a public radio documentary on the pirate radio / rave tradition in the UK from jungle > UKgarage > grime + dubstep - made by Sam Backer of Afropop Worldwide and featuring quotes from me and others

Monday, June 27, 2016

work the box


Dj  Faydz: "Here's a 1990 - 1991 mix I put together in 2015, celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Old Skool House & Rave event, Ektos. If you didn't know, Ektos put on some huge events around the South West of England back in the early 90s, bringing Moby over for his first ever UK performance in September 1991, as well as holding a regular night at Hardings Nightclub in Swindon. I had my first gig for them in 1999 and have been their resident DJ since then. This is a selection of some of the underground tunes, that will always remind me of Ektos and featured on a couple of the first ever Rave cassette tapes I got hold of way back in 1990, that were being shared amongst friends in my home town, mixed by former Ektos DJ's Gregan Scott (RIP) and Steve Potter. I'm very honoured to have played at this event for the past 17 years (Big thanks to Midge for having me!) and I hope this mix brings back a few memories and you enjoy it as much as I did putting it together! Cheers, Faydz x"